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Slow Folk / Solo / Duo - Rennes



release 29 nov. 2024


release 29 nov. 2024


© Prune Phi


Music and lyrics written, performed, arranged, produced by Clément Lemennicier excepted :

The Line :                   
Arranged by Clément Lemennicier, Laura Perrudin & Jérémy Rouault
                                       Jérémy Rouault played the Moog.


Silver Night Skin :        Arranged by Clément Lemennicier & Federico Climovich

                                      Federico Climovich played the orchestral bass drums           

                                      Jérémy Rouault played the overdrive and the Moog's filter.

Mountain Dreamer :    Arranged by Clément & Matthieu Lemennicier
                                      Matthieu Lemennicier written, prepared and played the mains pianos
                                      Lise Péchenart played the cellos
                                      Simon Latouche played the trombones
                                      Clément Lemennicier played the Flugelhorn & the "Space pianos"

The Host :                  Jérémy Rouault played two of the four hands of the midnight intro
                                      and refilled the French whisky.

Recorded by Clément Lemennicier & Jérémy Rouault in many spaces and places
Mixed by Jérémy Rouault at Full Size Panda, Rennes
Mastered by Zino Mikorey, May 2024, Berlin
Artwork & Photographs by Prune Phi
Design & layout by Yoann Buffeteau

Remerciements - Thank you :

Jérémy Rouault,
pour tout, pour le temps passé, la confiance, le soutien indéfectible, Laura Perrudin,
Federico Climovich, Matthieu Lemennicier & Lise Péchenart, Claire & Marcel Lemennicier,
Loïc Clorennec, Lucie Le Guen, Martial Hardy, Simon Latouche, Mike James, Thomas Poli,
Laetitia Shériff, Sylvie Citharel, Mathieu Fisson, Antoine Massot, Martin Antiphon, Romain Piriou, Thibaut Galmiche,
Glenn, Besnard, Vincent Chrétien, Lise Gaudaire, Laurent Renault, Hélène Delaune, Albert Perrudin, Marie-Thérèse &
Jean-Luc Rouault, Prune Phi, Pierre Schlesser, Arnaud Stephan, Antonin Tri Hoang, Susanne Feld,
Yoann Buffeteau, Zino Mikorey,
all my dear friends and all your precious words, to Valgeir Sigurðsson
and the Bedroomcommunity for the precious time spent at the studio many years ago.



Singer-songwriter, Clément Lemennicier's pop is limestone, minimal and singular. An airy, embodied slow folk.  An electric guitar, a few effects pedals and his voice. This music, with its tight instrumentation, is nonetheless ample and sensitive, a never broken intimacy. Composer, multi-instrumentalist and sound engineer, he trained,  among other places, in Iceland at Greenhouse Studio with producer and musician Valgeir Sigurdsson (Björk, Feist, Ben Frost...). A trumpeter from the start, it's on guitar and vocals that he reveals his talents.

Accompanied on stage by multi-instrumentalist Federico Climovich, two guitars, two voices, synthesis. Both members of the Rennes-based group Bumpkin Island, they have appeared on stage and in the studio with artists such as Laetitia Sheriff, Laura Perrudin, La Battue, Quentin Sauvé, Totorro...

A debut album is scheduled for the 29th november 2024 on Les Disques Normal

&Yellow Mountain.

solo album

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